We are excited to announce our new site and first episode! “Though we always shared a passion for politics, we rarely shared the same views. But we always respected each other, as well as each other’s ideas. And though we ostensibly disagreed on a lot, we often saw through focused discourse that we agreed on more than imagined. We’re here to discuss, deconstruct, and elucidate our ideals. We don’t implore you to always agree with us—we rarely even agree with each other—but we hope that this is useful. Brandon went to Texas A&M and works for Lockheed Martin. Luke is still in college, studying government and history at Harvard. We have our own little interests, but we share a love for the various content we discuss on our show. This page, indeed, is a celebration of what we share. Ultimately, we just hope it informs and inspires our viewers.” -Luke

In this first episode, we discuss Covid-19 on both state and federal levels within the United States; the state and logistics of the U.S. economy, both at the current moment and its general trajectory in the last few years; the 2020 election, from Trump to Biden (as well as Biden’s newly announced running mate, Kamala Harris); and a variety of other geopolitical and social matters.

We’d appreciate it if you give us a like and a follow. Feel free to comment to join the discussion and/or suggest topics for future episodes. Welcome to our website!